In collaboration with our partner LDRA, we have organized a seminar where you the attendees wil lhave the opportunity to see and use the tools and techniques to carry out the automation of tests.

Whether you need to comply with stringent regulations or you are just looking at new ways to improve your testing and quality process, we will show how test automation can greatly reduce the uncertainty when answering these questions:

- After our last change, did we break something in our code?

- Do we have any regression testing evidences?

- Have we informed our developers about the test results?

- Is our code ready for production and deployment?

- What is our requirements coverage metric?


We will focus on automating tests generated with LDRA tools (static analysisi tests and dynamic analysis tests). We will see how tests can be reused. We will also see how tests and requirements can be traced, and how the test reports can be traced automatically.

In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to try the tools and techniques in hands-on sessions. To do so, we will integrate the LDRA tools, Jenkins and an embedded platform simulator.

The seminar is suitable for software engineers, developers and engineering managers interested in learning about automating and improving test processes. 

If you would like to attend to the event, please register here. In case you need further information, contact us in



  • Static analysis with LDRA TBvision
  • Dynamic analysis with LDRA TBrun
  • LDRA TBmanager


  • Automating static analysis with LDRA TBvision and Jenkins
  • Automating dynamic analysis with LDRA TBrun and Jenkins
  • Traceability and test automation with LDRA TBmanager and Jenkins
Test automation with LDRA and Jenkins