ULMA Embedded Solutions and its partner XJTAG organize a free one day workshop on Boundary Scan conducted by experts from XJTAG. Boundary scan tools which focus on innovative product development and high quality technical support will be shown. These products allow electronic design, development and manufacturing processes to be shortened significantly. In addition, ULMA Embedded Solutions experts will demonstrate how XJTAG fits as a design tool showing a real case study.

The full-day workshop is designed to provide design, development, test and production engineers with a practical hands-on introduction to boundary scan. It will be celebrated on May 15th in ULMA Embedded Solutions being the following the workshops outline:

  • Overview of the IEEE 1149.x standards
  • How to communicate with the JTAG chain
  • Tools to interact with JTAG devices, such as FPGAs or BGAs
  • Introduction to board testing using the JTAG chain
  • How to describe a circuit in order to enable JTAG testing
  • Fault finding abilities of a JTAG connection test
  • How to test non-JTAG elements of a board design using boundary scan
  • ULMA’s Case Study with XJTAG as system design tool

Register now at www.xjtag.com/workshop.php

XJTAG Boundary scan workshop