We are pleased to invite you to the course that we have organized in collaboration with our partner LDRA. Next 19th, 20 and 21st of November the experts from LDRA will offer us the course about ISO26262 in Oñati.

The attendees can chose between:  

  • Awareness course: one day course
  • Awareness course + course for software practitioners: three days course


Don’t hesitate to contact us on marketing@ulmaembedded.com or +34 943 250 300 to ask for prices, location or any other question.

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More information about the courses:



Whether you are a complete novice with ISO 26262, need a refresh, or are curious about the changes to the 2018 revision, this course will give you a great foundation in the fundamentals of functional safety in general, and ISO 26262 in particular.

You’ll learn of the importance of functional safety in the automotive industry and how general functional safety principles are interpreted in ISO 26262, and you will take away a “check list” of the key best practices for any development team looking to adhere to its principles.

Who should attend?

This training is suitable for software practitioners and managers requiring an awareness of functional safety, and an overview of ISO 26262.

Attendance of this course is a prerequisite for software practitioners wishing to attend the two-day in depth course, “Down and Dirty with ISO 26262:2018 compliant software development”.

Outline agenda:

• Introduction to functional safety

• Functional safety in the context of the automotive industry

• ISO 26262’s place in the world of functional safety standards, security standards, and language subsets

• An introduction to ISO 26262 and its sections

• ISO 26262 certification and approval requirements

• An overview of HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment)

• The primary challenges in adhering to ISO 26262

• The key best practices for ISO 26262 compliance

The trainer:

The trainer of the course will be Andre Banks, a Technical Specialist for LDRA with more than 25 years’ experience of high-integrity real-time/embedded software development



You’re equipped with an outline understanding of ISO 26262:2018 from our one-day awareness course. But that’s not enough. You know that ISO 26262 is widely accepted as the state of the art in developing safety-related electrical and electronic road vehicles, and an overview just doesn’t cut it. You’re a software professional; a software development or V&V engineer, and you want to know what ISO 26262:2018 means for you.

This training course is specifically focused on the software-related elements of ISO 26262:2018. You’ll learn from a company with over 40 years’ experience in helping companies develop the very best functionally safe and secure software, and from a trainer who was not only an active contributor to the ISO 26262:2018 standard itself, but who is also the current chairperson of the MISRA C working group.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for software practitioners requiring an in-depth understanding of functional safety and ISO 26262:2018 in the specific context of embedded software development, verification and validation.

Attendance of the one-day overview course, “Getting to Grips with ISO 26262:2018 and Automotive Functional Safety” is a prerequisite.

Outline agenda:

• Requirements for Compliance to ISO 26262

• Part 2 – Management of Functional Safety

   - A Safety Culture

   - The Safety Lifecycle

• Part 6 – Product Development at the Software Level

   - General topics for the product development at the software level

   - Specification of software safety requirements

   - Software architectural design

   - Software unit design and implementation

   - Software unit verification

   - Software integration and verification

   - Testing of the embedded software

• Part 8 – Supporting processes

   - Configuration, change, and documentation management: An overview

   - Confidence in the use of Software Tools

   - Qualification of Software Components

The trainer:

The trainer of the course will be Andre Banks, a Technical Specialist for LDRA with more than 25 years’ experience of high-integrity real-time/embedded software development.