In the next event, we will show how to get an agile development process for critical products and projects that need to comply with standards and tight deadlines. We will present methodologies and tools (IBM DNG, IBM RQM and IBM RTC) that help us to reduce risk and enable standard compliance.

Some of the points that we will cover during the event:

  • Customers’ needs and products’/projects’ requirements management. Are all of them been satisfied?
  • Evidence management. ¿are we able to create all the needed artefacts to comply standards?
  • Action plan and its management. Is it possible to keep traceability between all the tools for the management that I am using?

The main objective of this event is to show how improving the development processes of the products we can meet innovation but also ensure standard compliance in sectors like railway, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, etc.

The event will be held on 25th June in TEC of IBM in Madrid. SIGN UP HERE. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Meet innovation and standard compliance