ULMA Embedded Solutions is participating in CoM3 project together with the Italian companies VICI and ZANNINI. The project that is within ManuNet program has been founded by the European Commission and Basque and Italian governments.

The aim of the project is to realize a machine able to check all internal and external dimensions of turned metal components, along with functional features like residual machining burrs. Such additional capability will represent an evolution in respect to current state of the art and it will be the result of R&D activity planned in the project, in order to meet new requirements of automotive sector. As a result, limited cycle times and high-quality standards will be guaranteed allowing the agile implementation of Zero Defect Manufacturing strategy.

CoM3 project will realize a completely new and innovative Compact Multitasking Measuring Machine for bench use, intended for quality control into automotive sub-suppliers of metal components. According to principle of multitasking, the CoM3 prototype will be able to perform different checks and measurements all-in-one thanks to integration of different technologies that in actual market panorama are only partially available and just in form of stand-alone control machines. The integration will involve multiple optical technologies together with already standardized contact measure control systems.

CoM3: Compact Multitasking Measurement Machine